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Required Gear

Sponsored by DICKS Sporting Goods

DICKS Sporting Goods

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Need a quick set of cleats, mouth piece, bag of balls or replacement gear.  Head on down to Dick's in Issaquah for the gear you need.

Sponsored by Lacrosse Wolfe

Lacrosse Wolfe

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Visit our friends at Lacrosse Wolf, the official store of Mount Si lacrosse , for all of your player's needs.  Located in Bellevue, Lacrosse Wolf has specific expertise in Lacrosse to help any player navigate their lacrosse needs.   

Required Gear

Boys Lacrosse

  1. Helmet
  2. Complete Stick (Head & Shaft)
  3. Shoulder Pads (new requirements for 2022)
  4. Gloves
  5. Arm Pads
  6. Mouth guard
  7. Cleats
  8. Athletic cup required at all levels
  9. Goalies have specialized gear that includes throat protector, chest protector, goalie stick.

Girls Lacrosse

  1. stick-many to choose from
  2. goggles
  3. mouth guard
  4. gloves-optional and not to be confused with the boys’ gloves.
  5. Goalies wear specialized gear including a helmet, goalie stick, chest protector and throat protector.
  6. Cleats

If you have any questions or recommendations please reach out to the youth directors!